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Corona lockdown cook-off

Corona lockdown cook-off

Who doesn’t love talking about food? Especially if it is 12:20 and we are sitting in an English lesson anticipating lunch.

So, when the topic of Britain’s multi-ethnicity came up in 6c, we soon focused on the variety of dishes Britain has to offer. Astounded by the variety of popular ethnic dishes we found; we started a research project under the heading “Top ten ethnic cuisines in Britain”.

In pairs, the pupils chose a specific ethnic cuisine – for example Thai, Indian, Mexican, US or Greek. Their first task was to research their choice and give some background information about it to their classmates. Then, they had to find a yummy recipe which they presented to the class. Soon our stomachs were growling, inspired by talk about spicy Thai curries, juicy burgers, and delicious burritos.

Of course, talking about food alone was not going to fill any stomachs. So, during the lockdown we decided to have a little cook-off and the pupils tried out some of the recipes they had found and uploaded the photos of the delicious results onto our Moodle class. See for yourselves!