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Christmas comes but once a year…

Christmas comes but once a year…

And once again the pupils of 1a and 1b bilingual classes worked hard to prepare a “Christmas Celebration” which they performed for their parents and friends on the school stage on December 11th and then once again for the older  children in Lind Primary School the following day.

This year`s programme included Christmas carols and songs, some instrumental pieces and two short plays, one about two grumpy snowmen who felt very cold and rudely took all the warm clothes they could find from the people they met on their way. In the end they did of course get what they deserved when a clever schoolmaster invited them in to sit by his warm fire!

The second short play told the Christmas story from the point of view of an unwanted old donkey who was chosen to carry Mary to Bethlehem and there became a witness of the very first Christmas.


 A big thank you to everyone who supported us!


Margaret Hoffmann

(native speaker)