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Chemieprojekt zum Thema Ozon

Chemieprojekt zum Thema Ozon

In January the students of 7B started working on a huge science project for the international congress “Eurociencia Joven 2024” made possible by ERASMUS+.

The topic of the project contained the accumulation and generation of ozone and its impact on traditional- and bio plastics. The class wanted to test if exposure of ozone could be used as a sufficient measure to degrade microplastics in near future.

Together with the support of Mrs. KĂ€ferle and Mrs. Kretz, 7B spent several weeks measuring ozone levels in school, building their own ozone generator, exposing polymers to a commercial generator and investigating possible changes in breakability, colour, weight or texture.

The students organised their collected data in a scientific poster and a presentation. In the beginning of May four students, Severjan Delliehausen, Ishita Walia, Lorenz Pichler and Lilly Schmidhuber, travelled to CordĂłba in Spain to finally present their work at the congress as the first group to ever represent our school. In those two intense days, the students heard more about scientific projects by other students from all over the EU.

This experience was even more enriching due to the interaction with peers and the close contact to the culinary and cultural aspects of Spain.

Luckily the students were able to eventually spend another adventurous day in the beautiful capital Madrid, which was used for sightseeing.

Author: Lilly Schmidhuber (7B)