BG|BRG Villach St.Martin | The International Bilingual Classes “Share” an evening together
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The International Bilingual Classes “Share” an evening together

In today’s very fast-moving, transparent and individualistic society, is “sharing” still relevant?  The IBC’s clear answer is: yes, and in more ways than could ever be imagined!  This year’s presentation of “Sharing” demonstrated the scope of this topic in today’s modern world. Not surprisingly, the contributions were as varied, creative and original as the participants themselves – and this time not on stage.

Each class approached the idea from a different perspective. Many classes, naturally, saw an opportunity to flex their charity muscles: The 1A, 1B and 5A documented their action of raising money for “Tabea”, an organization here in Villach, which helps needy people.  Additionally, the youngest IBC pupils also had time for a fun treasure hunt and a sketch which they wrote themselves. Charity was also the focus of 2A’s “Sharing Time and Memories.” The class spent an afternoon at the Residence for Elderly People Dinzlpark, playing games, singing and, most importantly, sharing memories of how life was in the past, which were then documented in a beautiful poster presentation.

The 4B and the 6A took part in important projects to promote tolerance and acceptance towards asylum-seekers and refugees in our area.  Donations of toys, clothes and other useful items were collected and distributed, together with the HAK (WE4Unity project) and support from the city of Villach. The 6A shared several hours together playing cricket with young unaccompanied refugees.

The 2B presented their wonderful film “The 2B Bili Beehive share their chores.”  The film documents a clever sketch which was performed at the Europagymnasium’s jubilee evening in Klagenfurt. Very popular was the chance to try out, for some people new, sporting activities—organized by the 3A/3B.  Cross-country-skiing, archery, skating, karate, volleyball, climbing, and even chess were available.  The 3A also offered an interactive Kahoot quiz on the topic of sharing.

Where would the world be without the sharing of scientific knowledge? The 4A/4B demonstrated their acquired knowledge in chemistry in “Electrons to share”.” “Sharing Information” (4A), a podcast project, together with Radio Agora, was presented through the medium of an audio-file.  “Food sharing” was the direction of the 5A with their carefully-planned buffet emphasizing Fair Trade,  “breaking bread” and the legacy of the culinary richness of the once widespread Austrian empire.

After an enjoyable language trip to Ireland this year, the 7A wanted to share their Irish experience in “Sharing Irish Literature.” A self-produced filmed interview with, an audio file and a live performance from some of Ireland’s finest literary talents were presented as a small taste Irish culture.  The excellent portfolios of their memories from the trip were also available for viewing.

Other activities in which the guests could participate were: “Sharing a picture” (visitors could add their own creative touch to a giant canvas) and a “Wordle” where everyone could contribute thoughts, feelings and impressions. Our newest graduates from this year’s 8A offered a fun photo booth to share memories of the evening, which will be posted on the school’s homepage. All people present shared a surprise special moment introduced by a brass instrument fanfare: pupils, teachers and guests were led in song by the 1A/1B to “Oh Happy Day” and everyone sang along together!

Jane Nitsche