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Sprachprojektwoche Cambridge, 7AB Sprachprojektwoche Cambridge, 7AB

Sprachprojektwoche Cambridge, 7AB Sprachprojektwoche Cambridge, 7AB

Our trip to Cambridge
By Julia Schiestl & Daniel Valte , 7A
Vivien Breinbauer & Victoria Harb, 7B

On the 3rd of October, we – 7A and 7B – started our 10-day-trip to Cambridge. Together with our English teachers, Mrs. Graimann and Mrs. Bauer, we were given the opportunity to improve our language skills and immerse ourselves into British culture.

After our plane had landed in London-Stansted, a coach took us to Cambridge where we were welcomed by our host families. Even though some of us encountered difficulties at the beginning, on the whole, all of us enjoyed our stay with them.

On four of the days we spent in England, we attended English lessons at Studio Cambridge Language School. In the afternoon, we explored Cambridge, the world-renowned university city, which most certainly left a lasting impression on all of us. Although we soon got to know the typical British weather, it could not spoil our fun. The beauty of this truly historic city made up for everything.

Visiting the colleges where famous alumni such as Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton or Charles Darwin once studied, evoked admiration amongst us. At some point we felt as if we were actors in a Harry Potter movie. The marvelous yards and college gardens, the bustle and the buildings all contributed to this magical atmosphere.

In addition, we punted on the river Cam. Although the weather nearly scotched our plans, we enjoyed the tour during which we were given the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the famous College Backs. (What is a punt? It is an open flat bottom boat with squared ends, used in shallow waters and usually propelled by a long pole.)

Apart from Cambridge, we also visited London and the city of Ely. Exploring London, EnglandÂŽs capital city, which is home to the royal family, was a wonderful experience. After a sightseeing tour, we were free to do some shopping, visit the National Gallery or whatever took our fancy.

In contrast to this cosmopolitan city, Ely was a rather sleepy town. The magnificent cathedral most certainly hogs the limelight in Ely.

In the evening we had a last dinner with our families and packed our bags. Unfortunately, we had to leave our new homes early on Sunday morning in order to arrive at the airport on time.

Thanks to our English teachers and tour guides, we had the opportunity to get to know England and experience British culture and university life. Our trip was an unforgettable adventure which left a lasting impression on all of us.


Our trip to London was one of the most impressive experiences weÂŽve ever had. We visited the British Museum and saw a lot of this vibrant, cosmopolitan city. It was an unforgettable day! (-Lena, Walder, 7A)

Cambridge, one of the most famous university towns, left a lasting impression on all of us. I particularly enjoyed our tours through the colleges. It was so impressive! (-Max Glantschnig, 7A)

The day we went punting on the river Cam, we got to know the typical “British weather”. A gale was blowing – it was raining “cats and dogs” – and we were out on the river, sitting in the boats and admiring the beautiful scenery. “Have never been so wet in my life!”, to quote Mrs. Graimann. Still, it was unforgettable! (-Sabina Budimlic, 7A)

The city of Ely is rich in history and has a beauty and charm of its own. Ely Cathedral was a stunning sight. I felt as if I had somehow landed at Hogwarts. (-Sophie Kalny, 7A)