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International Classes

Teaching with English as a medium of instruction


Bilingual teaching with English as a medium of instruction

General Information
The bilingual stream was set up in 1995 and since then most subjects of the Austrian curriculum have been taught successfully in English.

At present the following subjects are taught in English:
Lower forms/grades (Unterstufe)

  • 1st form/grade:  Art, biology, information technology, crafts, geography, music and sports.
  • 2nd form/grade: Physics and history are added to the above.
  • 3rd form/grade: Biology laboratory
  • 4th form/grade: Chemistry (and lab) and physics lab are in English.

Upper forms/grades (Oberstufe):

  • Most of the above subjects continue to be taught in English.

Our students can choose between two bilingual streams specialising either in languages (with French and Latin as compulsory subjects) or the natural sciences (with compulsory lab classes in biology, physics and chemistry).
From the 3rd form onwards French becomes a compulsory subject in the language stream. Latin is taught from the 5th form/grade to the 8th form/grade. The natural science stream with English as a medium of instruction offers the same subjects as our natural science stream: e.g. biology lab in the 3rd form, physics and chemistry lab in the 4th form/grade. In the fifth form/ grade students of the science stream choose between French, Italian or Latin.
In both bilingual streams mathematics, religion, philosophy and psychology are taught in German. In addition, students of the 6th and 7th years are prepared for the internationally recognised Advanced Cambridge Certificate.
Our programme offers:

  • team teaching with native speakers with university degrees in the humanities and sciences
  • optional drama and conversation courses during the first four years.
  • Business English is offered in the 5th form.
  • annual projects: In addition to smaller presentations throughout the year, we have one annual project involving all classes in various subject areas across the whole curriculum.


  • bringing enjoyment into the learning of foreign languages
  • natural approach to learning the English language
  • deeper understanding of the culture and lifestyle of English speaking countries
  • opportunity to take internationally recognised exams (Cambridge Certificate, TOEFL, IELTS)
  • preparation of students for studies at international schools and universities
  • comprehensive preparation for future careers: teamwork, flexibility, creativity and leadership competence


  • the usual requirements needed to attend an Austrian academic secondary school
  • no special language skills in English are necessary
  • interest and motivation to learn English
  • curiosity to learn about the traditions and lifestyles of the English–speaking world
  • Newcomers (from our school’s non-bilingual classes as well as from other schools) are welcome to join the bilingual stream at all levels providing space is available in the appropriate academic year. An interview is required to establish scholastic ability levels.

Enrolment procedures
All pupils wishing to join the bilingual classes must register for the bilingual programme and have to take part in an interview.

Parents’ Association: International Bilingual Classes Association (IBCA)
Parents of pupils in the bilingual programme are automatically members of the parents’ association (IBCA) and pay an annual fee to cover part of the costs. The fees are used for:

  • native speaker salaries
  • English textbooks, literature and other teaching materials
  • partial costs of Cambridge exams
  • optional courses
  • partial financial support of language trips and special projects

All parents are encouraged to join the IBCA committee, which cooperates closely with the bilingual teaching team.

Feedback from former pupils (German)

Feedback from industry and politics (German)

Projects (German)

Curriculum of International Bilingual Classes (German)