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IBC stream – International Bilingual Classes

Happy, confident students who are ready to explore the world to maximise their potential.

The IBC stream of St Martin’s Grammar School is a teaching programme in which English is used as the language of instruction in most subjects.


The approach of the International Bilingual Classes programme is to ensure that our students benefit from English as the language of instruction and communication in the majority of their subjects, with the support of a professional team of native English speakers. Our international team is made up of native speakers from various English-speaking countries, mainly the UK and the USA, but also New Zealand and South Africa.


The content is brought closer to the students through team teaching. This teaching approach, which involves collaboration between Austrian teachers and native speakers with university degrees in the humanities or sciences,

  • enables students not only to develop a deeper understanding of the language, but also to become familiar with the cultures and lifestyles of English-speaking countries.
  • also offers opportunities to take internationally recognized examinations https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/
  • prepares students to study at international schools and universities.

The aim of the bilingual education programme is to produce confident and competent graduates who are ready to explore the world to their full potential – young people with a broad international understanding, whose aspirations extend beyond geographical boundaries and who want to achieve their personal and professional goals both nationally and internationally. In the course of their bilingual education, English becomes a natural second language for them, contributing to an open and flexible understanding of the world.


The special feature of the bilingual stream is the high level of motivation and the committed cooperation among all those involved:


  1. the pupils of the IBC stream
  2. the teachers of the IBC stream
  3. the IBC native speakers
  4. the IBC coordinators
  5. the parents, represented by the board of the IBC Parents’ Association (IBCA).


The cost per school year is currently 500 EUR.