IBC – International Bilingual Classes | Requirements for prospective applicants
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Requirements for prospective applicants

Austrian national prospective applicants: the programme requires the usual accreditation to attend an Austrian academic secondary school. No special language skills in English are necessary when applying to the programme in the first year of secondary school; however, a keen interest and motivation to learn English is an important asset. Our teaching incorporates international perspectives, so a curiosity about the traditions and lifestyles of the English-speaking world are beneficial. Newcomers are welcome to join the bilingual stream in all years of secondary education, providing there are places available, and the required scholastic standards are met. If you wish to enrol your child in the programme in subsequent years please contact us to inquire about English language competency requirements to ensure that your child can fully engage in, and benefit from, the programme.


All prospective applicants must register and take part in an application process. Further information is available here >>>


International prospective applicants: our classes are taught bilingually, so if your child cannot speak German, or only has a basic grasp of the language, please be aware that there is a requirement for your child to learn German. Our school offers supplementary German teaching for international students, please contact us for further information. It is important to emphasise that we deliver the Austrian national curriculum; this means that in the final year every student (irrespective of nationality) will be required to pass the written German language component of the Austrian Matura examinations. Many international students who join us in the first year(s) of the programme and who are novices in German are able to achieve success in this examination; however, if your child is in a later stage of secondary education and is wishing to join the programme as an English native speaker, additional resources and a willingness to learn German to a high standard will be necessary. Newcomers are welcome to join the bilingual stream in all years of secondary education, providing there are places available, please contact us to discuss.

Prospective international applicants must register and those wishing to join us in the first year take part in an informal interview in March. Authentic native speakers of English do not need to participate in an interview process but do need to attend on the day. Please contact us for further information direktion@it-gymnasium.at

The school also offers an open evening in January, where you and your child can meet our staff and students and take part in activities.