IBC – International Bilingual Classes | Structure of the programme
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Structure of the programme

There are two streams of education within the Bilingual Classes Programme, a language and a natural sciences stream. Depending on which stream your child chooses to participate in they will receive some varying classes.


Language stream:

3rd year: French is a required subject

5th to the 8th year: Latin is a required subject

Language certificates: Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) Certificate, Delf


Natural sciences stream:

3rd year: biology laboratory sessions

4th year: physics and chemistry laboratory sessions

5th year: students choose between Italian, Latin or French

Language certificates: Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) is optional


Both streams teach the following subjects in German: mathematics, religion, philosophy, psychology and German.


Currently English as a working classroom language is used in the following subjects per year:


1st year: physical education and sport, art, biology, geography, IT/computing, music, as well as design and technology/textiles.

2nd year: all subjects above plus history and physics

4th year: all subjects above plus chemistry

Higher years: most of the cumulative subjects above are taught in English