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Our enriched and varied learning activities, led by our team of experienced native speakers, are tailored to enable students to explore their interests and allow them to build on their personal strengths. During the first three years of their studies students have the opportunity to participate in the following English conversational native speaker led enrichment program, which is offered on the school premises, and is funded by the IBCA parent’s association:


1 st  Year: Andrea Foster offers a “ Games and Roleplay “ conversation course did is available to students in the 1st year of the bilingual programs. Children are introduced to the free use of English through games, little role plays or performances for the school Christmas celebration and project presentations


2 nd  Year: Puja Hudelist offers second-year students the opportunity to participate in an additional course of conversational English  „Fun with English“. Students are encouraged to engage in free English conversation, participate in skits, role-plays and project presentations.


3 rd year: Lisa Wagner Calnan offers a “ Let’s do drama is a class For Those wanting to go on a journey and explore English in many different ways“. There will be games, role-plays, acting challenges, creative activities – and a great deal more! A whole host of things to stimulate your mind, enjoy the creative working process and get you more involved in speaking English!


4 th and 5 th year: Lisa Wagner Calnan, therefore, offers a “ Writing and Illustrating a Children’s Story “ – This is a voluntary class for those who would like to embark on creating their own children’s storybook. This year students will be working hard on brainstorming and researching ideas for their own children’s storybook. We will be encouraging creative writing processes and supporting story development and illustration design – all culminating in completely unique storybooks. Can’t wait to discover your stories !!


Additional learning opportunities: learning to explore their environment as well as gain experience of life outside of Austria’s borders is a key aspect of St. Martin’s school trips. The school offers sports weeks, language projects and competitions in various subject areas, as well as careers information. Information technology is taught from the first year. We offer specific bilingual stream projects including competitions sponsored by organizations such as LAM Research, the University of Applied Sciences Villach and Infineon. Further information on these activities will be provided to you and your child as appropriate.