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The International Bilingual Classes Association (IBCA) is the association set up to support and finance the „bilingual classes“ branch of the BG/BRG St. Martin.


All parents whose children attend the „Bili branch“ are full members of the IBCA Support Association. They ensure the financing of bilingual education through their membership fees.


The amount of the membership fees is determined annually, presented by the Association’s Board of Directors at the IBCA’s Annual General Meeting, to which all members are invited, put to the vote and subsequently imposed on the members.


Robin Hirschl


Sonja Guldenbrein-Sereinig
Treasurer IBCA

Andrè Hensel


Linda Domini


Sonia Pichler
Deputy Chairman IBCA

Mario Ritscher
Deputy Treasurer IBCA

Sabrina Geigenberger
Deputy Secretary IBCA

Alexandra Schaupp
Auditor IBCA

All of us have at least one child in the bilingual branch. We are enthusiastic about this programme and are convinced that our children are receiving an excellent education.


What makes the Bili branch special and the high quality of this education is the extraordinary commitment of all those involved: the teachers and coordinators on the school side, the native speakers and the children and parents on the other side.



We see the task of the IBCA board as supporting the children, the native speakers and the teachers and coordinators of the bilingual branch – not only by securing the financial means, but also by creating a good basis for communication and a trusting and joyful working and learning environment.


Each of us would like to contribute to this.