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St. Martiner-Straße 7; A-9500 Villach; Austria
Telephone: +43-4242-56305-0; Telefax: DW 22
E Mail:

Webmasters: Marianne Rohrer & Stefan Mak

Webteam 2015/16


Michael Hadwiger, Florian Dueller, Thomas Micheler, Christoph Glantschnig, Karl Didehban, Manuel Mitterer, Noah Resch, Stefan Heincz

Webteam 2014/15


Lisa Göberndorfer (8C), Carolin Schuntermann (8A), Michael Hadwiger (6C), Florian Dueller (5C), Christoph Bucher (5C), Maximilian De Cecco (4B)

Webteam 2013/14

Lisa Fritz (8D), Manuel Herold (8D), Lisa Göberndorfer (7C), Carolin Schuntermann (7A), Robert Babin (4B)

Webteam 2012/13

Lisa Fritz (7D), Manuel Herold, (7D), Manuel Gutleb (6C), Lisa Göberndorfer (6C), Carolin Schuntermann (6A), Robert Babin (3B), Nicolas Parrish (3B)

Webteam 2011/12

André Rumbold (8C), Dominik Zupan (8C), Laura Hübl (8A), Lisa Fritz (6D), Manuel Gutleb (5C), Markus Thomasser (7C), Andreas Rauter (7C), Carolin Schuntermann (5A)

Webteam 2010/11

André Rumbold, Laura Hübl, Lisa Schüttenkopf, Lisa Fritz, Manuel Gutleb, Markus Thomasser

Webteam 2009/10

André Rumbold, Laura Hübl, Lisa Schüttenkopf, Peter Reiter, Markus Thomasser

Webteam 2008/09

Christian Zellot, Veit Frick, Stefan Gref, Michaela Steinwender, Anna Hiden, Christina Mayer, Ingrid Pechinger, Theresa Somnitsch, Sarah Zaminer

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